Education and Outreach:

Sponsor a Screening of the Last Boat Out

Venues for screenings:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Environmental Clubs
  • Community Centers / Retirement Communities
  • Restaurants
  • Work Place Brown Bag Lunches
  • Churchs, Synagogues and Mosques
  • Home Screening Parties

Why should I sponsor a screening?

  • The film gives concrete examples of the ill effects of pollution and development upon the Chesapeake Bay and the people and animals who depend upon it.
  • It shows the need for better regulations and controls of such things as storm water management, run-off, development and over-fishing.
  • It demonstrates the need for community and individual involvement in cleaning up the bay and encourages people to learn to live sustainably at home and in their communities.

What do I need to do to sponsor a screening?

  • Buy a DVD of “The Last Boat Out”
  • Provide a venue for viewing the documentary such as your home, community or work place.
    • Businesses such as cafés, community centers or non-profit organizations are often willing to host a screening free of charge because it brings them business.
  • Create a paper or e-mail invitation or simply spread the word to friends and neighbors by word of mouth. 
    • Download a customizable invitation. (coming shortly)
  • "Last Boat Out" Fun Fact Quiz & discussion topics for after viewing!

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